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An offensive brute, a scoundrel, the lowest form of life. Possibly a label for the worst level of human living, worse then slavery. Nicknamed after the worst president of all time, or can be referring to that president. A jackass, a sexually depraved parasitic creature who feeds on the hopeless minds of adult america, an organism who would rather have oil then his country's love. Some call him a racist, but most look at him as something bigger, a fascist like the pope. Another use of this name is an error, or any thing described to the personification of the jackass himself
Damn he just pulled a president bush!
#president bush #laura bush #bush #george bush #george #faggot #error
by Rastamaan March 07, 2008
The hottest actress around. Most commonly known on scrubs.
Damn! you are right Judy Reyes is hot!!
#judy reyes #scrubs #hott #fattie #act
by Rastamaan February 15, 2008
The red smile is a rash caused by going commando that raps around your asshole so when you spread your ass cheeks it creates a "red smile". It also cause a lore on woman as a appealing facial smile due to the irritation of the rash.
Damn, Eric got the Red Smile goin
#red smile #going commando #facial #rash #red
by Rastamaan February 15, 2008
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