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3 definitions by RasTaFaRi-EvrLivin-EvrFaithful

psychotrim is any trim that comes from a woman that can be classified as psycho, mentally-unsound, or depressingly homocidal.
"James, as a psychiatrist do you ever sleep with your patients?"
"Are you serious? Psychotrim is the greatest!"
"Why's that?"
"You never know if they'll kiss you or stab you in the neck!"
Woofermeat is meat that can be used to feed your woofer. i.e. Songs that have heavy bass lines that can be used to make both you and your sub-woofer feel happy and satisfied.
Woofermeat is woofermeat, if they make more of it, i'll feed my woofer.
This is an attractive plump woman with diabetes. Not necessarily obese, but definetely not trim, the diabiddie is graceful and literally sweet.
-Did you see that diabiddie leaving the donut shop by the office?
-If her personality is as sweet as her kankles are, I'm game.
No bro, if her personality is as sweet as her blood levels, I'm game.
by RasTaFaRi-EvrLivin-EvrFaithful August 17, 2010