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1 definition by Rarfuls

\' grib-ler\

Etymology: Name given to 21st c. warlord Kostas the Gribbler, from Latin, luctor, to grapple.

1. transitive verb. To gribble or be gribbled by someone, causing an overall gribbler sensation, effecting torso and upper back, usually followed by the administering of support and pats on the back.

2a. noun. The act of cupping ones hand and outstretched fingers and follow a raking motion, as in gribbling. b. A stronger form of grappling
1. Wow, Bret had her hands all over me at the party last night, she is such a gribbler, so I gribbled the fuck out of her.

2. That mark-ass-trick-ass-bitch always gribbling my shit, Fuck!
by Rarfuls January 14, 2008
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