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Rardin is a country music group headed by Rardin Din Dardin with his wife Rardette Din Dardin. Rardin and his wife have been making music since early 2004 and have released two studio albums, ''My Old Chippewa Valley'' and ''New Tractor''. The lyrics in Rardin's songs focus on important topics, such as troubles on the farm, drinking, plowing, drinking while plowing, and the use of illegal pesticides.
Did you hear that new song by Rardin?
Yes, It's strangely relaxing.
#rardin din dardin #rardette din dardin #country music #chippewa valley #rolling hills arkansas
by Rardin Din Dardin March 04, 2008
A brand of luxurious tractors sold exclusively at the Chippewa Valley tractor dealer located just outside of Cornell, Wisconsin.
My Chippewa Valley has a trubo diesel, and a huge tank of pesticides.
#chippewa valley #rardin din dardin #cornell wisconsin #tractors #pesticides
by Rardin Din Dardin March 04, 2008
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