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ma ji bai

j=ji=chee(some dialects)
b=bai=byee(some dialects)
ji bai=women's that part
that means your mother's "that part"

it is a word often use in malaysia
mostly in dota
A:B's really a noob
by Rapper1988 August 10, 2008

but not only in mandarin or cantonese
most of the asians cannot pronouce R well
and already's A pronouce in o
dy pronouce in di
so they put oledi
A:hav you had your lunch?
B:i oledi had it
by Rapper1988 August 10, 2008
combination of tmd and ccb
that means his mother's smelly vagina
A:c said you r noob
B:tmdccb,im pro la
by Rapper1988 August 10, 2008

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