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Being more death metal than an airplane can handle
"Slade Craven filled up Glen Benton's inverted crucifix scar with piss and then lapped it up."

"Slade Craven used a pineapple as a condom when he was fucking Chris Barnes"

"Slade Craven once fisted Crazy Town then rapped 'Forgot about Dre' but changed all the words into Disturbed lyrics. Then shat."

"DevilDriver challenged Slade Craven to a farting competition but Slade Craven followed through right on that fucking guy from Coal Chamber's face."

"Slade Craven gained Kid Rock's trust, then did a poo in his kitchen"
by Rapeimus Prime August 08, 2009
The act of urinating into someone's hat and then placing it upon their head. Dousing them in your urine, mimiking a downpoar of rain.
"He slowly squeezed his bladder. The urine flow dribbled out his untamed urethra and splashed the hat with it's mighty yellow ferocity. He quickly set the drenched urine soaked headwear upon her soft, conditioned hair.
As she writhes in yellow pleasure the urine slowly drips down her face. Quenching her dry, parched lips.
He slowly took a step back, gazing with pride.

"Textbook Colorado Raincoat!"
by Rapeimus Prime August 08, 2009
The act of guffing in one's hand followed by them punching your partner with said hand.
Did you just wisconsin piledriver me, Charles?
by Rapeimus Prime August 08, 2009
The act of devouring a whole family sized packet of KP dry roasted peanuts then taking a shit on an unsuspected victim's face.
"oooh! a Steamy Nutkins on a cold night is really steamy"
by Rapeimus Prime August 08, 2009

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