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3 definitions by RapSucks

A plague on society, I mean rapper, who won't die despite being shot nine times.
Anyone up for a tenth try?
by RapSucks March 22, 2005
Ghetto kids dress in all big cloths and cant say words correctly. They usually are black, but some are white. Ghetto Kids make fun of people alot and have harly any good morals. I do feel bad about their situation, but they dont need to act how they act.....oh by the way RAP SUCKS!
Kid 1, "Yo dawg wasuddgdsgadsuvspdfgth"

Kid 2, "Yea I feel ya"
by RAPSUCKS July 01, 2004
A queer place that queer rappers rap about.
The hood is queer
by RAPSUCKS July 01, 2004