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A derogatory term for a male of the homosexual persuassion.
Al: Hey Chev you big silly, can you pick me up some vaseline from the store?

Chev: Fuck me, looks like we got ourselves a right Sausage Nigel 'ere!
by Raoul_Duke April 22, 2009
The term bedcave is used to describe when you get fully underneath your cover, duvet etc leaving a small opening near your face allowing you to peer out at the world from the saftey of your aftificially constructed womb.

Note 1: No worldly troubles can pass beyond the borders of the bedcave.

Note 2: All mosnsters, ghouls, ghosts, witchies, zombies et al are unable to intrude upon the protective borders of the bedcave.
Having emersed himself under his covers, Jim text his friend Andrew stating, "I'm safely tucked up in the bedcave, I can't believe my luck, i fucking love the bedcave!"
by Raoul_Duke March 27, 2009
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