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AIM slang: Humps Floor Laughing
yourSN: omg hahaha HFL HFL HFL
by Rani of Roses May 23, 2007
internet slang standing for 'hump floor laughing' root- rofl. but this is the more dirty version.
exampleOFsN: why did the chicken cross the road
otHerSCREEnName: idk why?
exampleOFsN: because he wanted to get to the other side
otHerSCREEnName: hahaha!! LOL!! hfl!! hfl!!!!! hfl!!! rofl!!! lmfao!!! HFL HFL HFL!!!
by Rani of Roses May 19, 2007
what you would call a friend who's name is a Palindrome, or the same spelled backwards and forwards.

ex. of palindrome:

Stanley Yelnats (the character from holes)
by rani of roses October 23, 2007
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