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Possibly the worst thing the world has ever turned out. Vocals sound like a baby crying hysterically while being repeatedly struck in the crotch by an electrified spatula. Fall Out Boy can be heard strumming their guitars frantically to try and confuse the listener into thinking that they actually know how to play their instruments. Fall Out Boy incorporates erratic beats and ear raping vocals into "music" that doesn't even flow through the course of one "song". Fall Out Boy is a group of girl scout rejects that got kicked out because they didn't make their cookie quota. hey if you're gonna suck at selling cookies why not music?

FOB fan-"hey did you hear that new Fall Out Boy song?"
Sensible Human Being-"you mean that noise that sounds like Wonder Woman being gang banged by a group of kindergarten Nazis??"
FOB fan-"yeah that one!! wait they all sound like that."
by Ranger Roy April 24, 2009

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