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wanting or needing sex really bad, and really soon.
I was so horny from looking at the hottest girl in my school's ass all day, I went home and started jerking it while imagining how hard i would fuck her. Then the doorbell rang, and it was her in nothing but a thong and a skin tight t-shirt. She immediately shoved her hand down my pants and motioned towards my bed. She ripped my pants off and started carressing my cock with her tongue, I then tore her shirt off and could not believe her perfect tits. She slowly slipped off her thong and she had the most perfect pussy (which was sopping wet by now) and the ass that I had always imagined. I immediately forced my cock into her asshole and she moaned with delight as I banged her harder and harder. I then dove for her pussy and started to lick all around it. She said she wanted my cock inside of her vagina, and I couldn't disagree. Her wonderfully tight pussy felt so amazing with my dick engulfed in it. I was about to cum when she said she wanted to swallow my juices and she started to suck my cock and tingle the tip with her tongue, and then I shot my load all over her face and mouth while she licked up every bit of it. She then slid her panties back on and walked out of my house topless, with her hand in my pants.
by Randyyyy March 13, 2008

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