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to insulate ones self from two people at the same time.
The woman was being aggressively stalked by two men so she thought she needed to twinsulate herself from them.
by Randysandy January 07, 2010
To have ones writing revised by editing against the writers will. to edit, or change
My draft was barely recognizable after falling victim to the literary moils in the editing room. They have taken out all of the meat of my intent, and It feels like I have been circumscribed.
by Randysandy January 19, 2010
Avoiding two people at the same time to get some needed alone time.
As it always seemed that Sandy got into trouble when she went out with Jenny and Teri, she decided it best that she "twiceolate" herself from both of them.
by Randysandy January 13, 2010
1).A condition existing when two people living in a relationship that becomes so disconnected that they are alone even when they are together.

2). When a person is involved in a relationship with two different people and feels distance with both of them.
1). Although the couple had been married for years, they had grown so far apart from one another they were living in a sort of "Bi-solation."

2). When the man whom thought that he was in love with two women at the same time realized that he wasn't really connecting with either one of them, it occurred to him that he was living in a state of, "Bi-solation."
by Randysandy January 07, 2010

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