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A "sports" played by groups of people that like to feel the pain of 68.cal balls (filled with food coloring) hitting there body parts. A "marker" is the "gun" used in paintball to launch the balls at other players, it is shaped like the letter "F" but tilted to the right. most paintball "markers" have a small air tank connected to the back of it that propells the balls out of the short barrel.
Paintball "guns" are very inaccurate due to there lenght of barrel. you have to target practice at a shooting range because the shape of the "marker" has a close resemblance to the m249 light machine gun. It is illegal to shoot this "marker" in ur backyard. The maximum distance a paintball can travel before hitting the ground is exactly 30ft.
The paintball field acts as the players canvas. it is often filled with colorful balloons that players use to hide behind. the dimension of the field is 15ft X 25ft because paintball markers are not able to shoot past 32ft. The "marker" is loaded with balls from the top. A "Ballsack" or "hopper" is used to hold the balls and is glued to the top of the "marker"so that when the "players" run or melee with there "markers" the balls wont go flying everywhere.
Paintballs are usually not biodegradable or wash off easily unlike the crayola markers. Some biodegradable paintballs are available but cost twice as much as non biodegradable ones because instead of toxic paint it is filled with fresh deer blood.
Colorful clothing/jumpsuit is required to play this "sports". also a full face mask is needed to protect ur face from getting paint/blood on it.
This sports is favored by, rich men, homosexuals, and people who love to show there dime sized bruses to there friends.
Paintballer: Paintball OWNEZ AIRSOFT~!!!

Airsofter: Too bad im 34 ft away from you.
by Randy Park December 22, 2007

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