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A prominent group of four 20ish year old males who pretend they are not homosexual. Usually a Fun Boyz group go in pacts and their main concentration is to convince their surrounding crowd that they do not like dick.

They also concentrate on trying to pick up chicks but the pure irony of them all being gay makes the Fun Boyz absolutely stupid. Their main goal is to be annoying and are usually loud and ruin every party they attend.

Fun Boyz association started in Portland, OR where a lot of hipsters are sexual frustrated and struggle to come to reality that they are infact gay. It's the first step for them to come out of the closet, eventually they realize why they travel in Fun Boyz groups and just go gay.

*Note : Do not confuse this with ' Fun Boys ' as this associated group actually exists in Portland, OR.
Man, who invited these fun boyz to this party? They are absolutely annoying and dumb.
by Randy Mcdonald January 16, 2011
A person who has an fetish with pans. Usually resorting to cooking in a pan, eating from the pan, refusing to clean the pan then leading to the food to go rotten and be absolutely disgusting and bacteria love fest.

A Pan Man Anderson absolutely loves dirty pans and loves to explore pans in other peoples houses. He is that guy who never cleans the pan he uses.
Man it smells in this room... oh wait looks like Pan Man Anderson was here.
by Randy Mcdonald January 16, 2011

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