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a universal word that can be used to temporarily name any person, friend or foe.
Yo! What's happenin choadiemcsmallballs!?
by Randy Macho Man Savage June 25, 2008
To buy and sell junk or the act of being really cheap.
Ex 1: That guy is a choadiepreneur...he's been going to the junkyard and rippin krusty carbs off old cars and sellin them online. Preneu'n hardcore!

Ex 2: Man, I don't pay for roadside trash pickup! I just dump my garbage in my neighbors cans after they put them out by the road! Preneu that!
by Randy Macho Man Savage July 28, 2008
A woman that is extremely good at giving head.
I got head last night from mcnibblesworth! She made me bust in 30 seconds!
by Randy Macho Man Savage June 27, 2009
noun: slang for semen

verb: used to express the action of ejaculating
noun: Is that a mcgurt stain on your pants? Dude, gross!

verb: Can you mcgurt while you're drunk? It always takes me forever!
by randy macho man savage December 22, 2008
word you yell to proclaim your excitement
I got a kick ass omelet at the 24hr diner, and the cook let me skip ahead of everyone bc I tipped him. Num nuh!!!
by Randy Macho Man Savage February 05, 2010
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