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3 definitions by Randy Goldman

One of the most important things in music. Rhythm is strongly connected to humans(i.e. the heart!) Early music started with drums and a beat. Rhythm is so basic yet key to music. All popular music has some kind of rhythm. Rhythm, it's in you!
This song is missing something.

It needs cowbell, a great source of rhythm
by Randy Goldman April 03, 2005
Latino version of "Dude"
-What up ese?

-You calling me a term paper?
by Randy Goldman April 01, 2005
Sleeping with a girl who is intoxicated(Because it's easier that way) Many get them drunk with "wine coolers" but any alcoholic beverage works too.
How to get in a girls pants: Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker
by Randy Goldman April 10, 2005