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to use something if it presents itself or is offered to you. you might fuxwit a blunt even if it is almost done.
1. That girl got a ghetto booty! I'll fuxwitit.
2. You wanna hit this bong man? I'll fux wit it.
by Randy G and SUNY Geneseo March 30, 2005
To engage in an act that is not the most appetizing. To do the unthinkable when left no other choice. To go where most men/women fear to go.
To "Fux Wit It" isn't just a snazzy catchphrase or a funny saying, it's a WAY OF LIFE, its how you conduct yourself through everyday situations. This group is for you if any of the following situations happened to you personally or if you can relate to any of them: When you see that residue on your g-card from the night before. When its 1:59 at the bar and the shot clock is winding down on your chances of getting ass that particular night. If someone offers you narcotics in exchange for sexual favors. When you gotta hold the roach clip with the antenna of your phone to hit it. When your homie bets you five bucks your won't streak pass the dining hall at noon. When all your shit spills on your semen soaked, ash covered, piss speckled carpet. When you thought that the bitch you brought back was shaved and all of a sudden she's staring back at you with a furrr-gina. When your last rubber breaks and you gotta hit it raw dawg. When that Swedish girlie girl and her paralyzed but trusting cousin want to have a threesome with you. When your buddy’s mom is hitting on you. When its 3 am and you remember the keg from earlier that night ain't even half kicked. When your potential hook-up's genitals look a lil sketchy and you are deciding whether or not to roll the figurative “dice”. In times of uncertainty like these there is only one thing to do, you gotta FUX WIT IT!!!!!!!!!!
by Randy G and SUNY Geneseo April 04, 2005
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