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Popular Film series by cokshot films. Cable Clerks the begining, Cable Clerks, Cable Clerks 3. Mainly Follows David, Wayne, Evan, Fish, and Lbox and Mwad. myspace.com/cokshotfilms.
Cable Clerks is a film made by cokshot films. there is two seqeuls to cable clerks, and a prequel. all in all the four films are good. CCTB, and CC3 having the best quality.
by Randy Beasley September 07, 2007
Film Company owned by Randy Beasley. (Also, Co owned by Richard Burke, but his rights were given up to unintrest in film projects. Cokshot Flms makes a number of movies. Including comedues, actions, and horror, some of the films that are popular are, Cable Clerks, Life, The Golden Adventure Saga, wrong place wrong time, The Plan Trilogy and more. Involving a number of actors and actress, the films get beteer and better. with soem old films in bad quality, a new camera and been bought, and the films even better.
Cokshot Films have made the following films : Life, Life 2: Lifes a Bitch, Cable Clerks the Begining, Cable Clerks, Cable Clerks 2, Cable Clerks 3, Ditchers, Ditchers 2: Blazen, Dtichers: Lockdown, A Good Day, A better Day, The Best Day, Daily Routine, Best of Immature-Rity, Return of immaturirty, Golden adventure, Golden Adventure part 2: True legend, GA Part 3: The Search, GA: part 4: Golden Legacy, Wrong Place wrong time, Misunderstood, The Plan, Plan b, and the last Plan.
by Randy Beasley September 07, 2007
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