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Someone who smells of ass and armpit.
Dude I walked passed this guy who smelt like asspit.
by randomblackguy November 02, 2014
An emo kid grown up.
"Hey who's that hot chick in the capris?

"Oh that's just Jerome, he's a hipster"
by Randomblackguy September 06, 2013
Assholes who go to websites just to post links to or spam about pornsites they just went to or are advertising for. even though no one gives a shit. Commonly found on sites like youtube or possibly myspace
Dude#1: Hey dude i was on youtube yesterday, and some guy posted a link to something on my channel.

Dude#2: what was it dude?

Dude#1: a pornsite! viruses messed up everything!

Dude#2: Damn PornSpammers
by RandomBlackGuy June 14, 2009

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