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2 definitions by RandomBlackGuy

An emo kid grown up.
"Hey who's that hot chick in the capris?

"Oh that's just Jerome, he's a hipster"
by Randomblackguy September 06, 2013
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Assholes who go to websites just to post links to or spam about pornsites they just went to or are advertising for. even though no one gives a shit. Commonly found on sites like youtube or possibly myspace
Dude#1: Hey dude i was on youtube yesterday, and some guy posted a link to something on my channel.

Dude#2: what was it dude?

Dude#1: a pornsite! viruses messed up everything!

Dude#2: Damn PornSpammers
by RandomBlackGuy June 14, 2009
3 1