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A really amazing girl who is smart, funny, and beautiful. Lexis are almost always dancers or runners or soccer players. Lexi is the kind of girl every guy wants, and when you have her, you never want to let go. Lexi is most likely the most beautiful girl you will ever meet.. If you meet a Lexi, don't let her get away, ever. She has a very bubbly personality, and is always smiling. Most of the time Lexi's are on the shorter side with amazing bodies and tiny feet. Lexi’s boobs are the perfect size and fit right in your hand. Her butt is also the perfect size, not to big, not to small. Just enough to slap and grab when you want to. A very kind and loving person. Sexyy as hell and wanted by many but the thing is she's waiting for one. She's someone that always deserves a second chance because she's worth it. Don't let her go because once she's gone, your ganna want her back. Lexi will change your life forever, she's the type of girl you spend the rest of your life with. blonde yet still smart with the worlds cutest smile that everyone needs to see before they die this a Lexi!!! the best girl on the planet, a little overwhelming at times, but she is the girl that you should never let go. she is the one who yes, can be crazy, but she is attractive, beautiful, and one of a kind.
see that girl, shes a lexi.
by random white dude September 18, 2013
An oft-misunderstood Black Power group that was NOT black nationalist, black racist, or anti-white. They were devoted to the self-defense and self-sufficiencyh of black communities, and they attracted sympathy and support from the white Left in the 1960s. Dismantled through illicit means in the early 1970s by the FBI's COINTELPRO operations, which assassinated Panther leaders and imprisoned others on trumped-up charges.
The "New Black Panther Party" is NOT the true voice of the original Panthers. They are a racist splinter of the Nation of Islam and have been rejected and denounced by original Panthers. The true successors to the original Panthers are the National Alliance of Black Panthers, founded in 2004.
by Random White Dude April 11, 2005

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