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1 definition by RandianHero

The third and lowest tier of male social hierarchy. Unlike the dominant alpha or the passive beta, the gamma male's hallmark traits are clinginess, possessiveness, and manipulation. Since he is unable to compete with men above his social tier, he is prone to isolating and manipulating girls, and failing that, throwing guilt trips to keep them on a short leash. While a gamma male is often a self-proclaimed "nice guy", his benevolence is merely a means to an end, which is usually trying to hook up with a girl he is obsessed with. Overly emotional and prone to feelings of unwarranted entitlement, the gamma male would rather blame all of his problems on other people than take responsibility for his own behavior. A truly worthless human being.
"God, your ex-boyfriend is super needy. He's a total gamma male."
by RandianHero October 24, 2011