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The rule that dictates livability in a state. The more squiggly lines in the outline/border lines of a state, the cooler/more fun it is to live in that state. In, for example, the state of California, the squiggly lines are found on the coastline adjacent to the pacific ocean. Note that the squiggly line rule is not always accurate, seeing as there are some squiggly states that aren't cool (ie Kentucky)
1: Yo I'm so cool cause i live in the state of North Dakota.
2: WTF are you talking about, i live in New York. My state has 100 times more squiggly lines than yours, thus it's better.
3: Hey, I live in Kentucky, the squigglyest state of all!
2: What the fuck are you smoking, the squiggly line rule doesnt work for lame ass states like Kentucky.
by Ramzhal April 14, 2008

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