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People who are on their way up but are still stuck with poor white trash behavior. People with enough money to buy a new car but not enough for health insurance. Pimps who pretend they are business executives. Night club owners. Gap managers. The entire porn industry.
Central California is populated by Upper Middle Trash.
by Ramy August 20, 2006
People with money who still have the taste and behavior of poor white trash. Over night successors who don't deserve it. Over rated celibrities with little or no education. Glorified pimps. Anyone who owns a hummer.
George Bush and Britney Spears are upper trash.
by Ramy August 20, 2006
People who buy and consume products like robots. Robotic shopaholic. People who buy whatever is advertised to them whether they need it or not.
Americans are the worlds largest consumeroids.
by Ramy August 24, 2006
Consumer android. People who buy products as they are told, like robots. The life forms that dwell in the aisles at Walmart. Also can stand for Consumers with Hemorrhoid. Those are the life forms on their way back from Walmart. The ones that get in front of you in the left lane going 50.
I want to thank all the consumeroids for my new yacht.
Hang up the phone and get out of my way, you damn consumeroid!
by Ramy August 20, 2006
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