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3 definitions by Ramsey Bakhoum

Seeking refuge or release by going to the beach; also synonymously used to decsribe that one is doing (or planning on doing) absolutely nothing: relaxing, zoning, etc.
Sorry, Louise. I wish I could come, but after the week I've had, I'm beachin' it that day. Have fun.
by Ramsey Bakhoum October 19, 2007
17 4
A citizen or political figure who is a do-nothing, one who sits like a lame duck and does not participate in the contributing actions of normal society. An extremely boring citizen. A citizen who should be confined to a chair, perhaps even an electric one.
After Bush's presidency, he will be reduced from a poor political figure to just your average sitizen.
by Ramsey Bakhoum October 19, 2007
10 2
A variation of the word celibate used to describe someone who has difficulty making sales; someone who has taken a religious vow to never sell something, such as a certain stock because of its potential value, or abstaining from economic intercourse.
What's wrong with Jim? Why are his numbers so low?.. We think it's because he may be sellibate.
by Ramsey Bakhoum October 19, 2007
4 0