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Also known as "Slobbery Long Jawn".

After receiving a blow job from a girl on the top bunk of bunk beds, the act of jumping down to the ground in such a way that your slobbery, erect penis slaps the person occupying the bottom bunk in the face.
Now you are really gonna get it... I was only going to shroom slap you, but now I'm going to give you a slobbery long john!
#slobery long john #slobbery long jawn #penis #long john #shroom slap
by Rampaging Lumberjack September 29, 2009
The act of swinging one's penis continuously in a circular motion as to imitate the motion of a helicopter rotor.

Helicockters have two main uses:

-The first and most common use is to trick a teammate into looking at your penile area while you perform a helicockter. If successful in getting someone to look, everyone else in the locker room has the responsibility to call the person who looked gay in the most slanderous and offensive possible way, often escalating to taking uncalled-for low-blows that have little or nothing to do with said person's sexuality. It is generally understood that even someone who looks directly at a helicockter is not actually homosexual, but challenging their sexuality for a few moments is necessary.

-The second use is to perform the helicockter as a means of transportation. If done fast enough, some people are able to lift off the ground as high as twelve feet into the air. This is easier said than done, and we recommend that you not try this at home.
Person 1: (standing 5-10 feet behind Person 2 and performing helicockter) Hey! Check out this awesome new tattoo I got below my belly button!

Person 2: Cool, let me check that ou......AW COME ON MAN.

Person 1: ....fag.

Persons 2, 3, 4: (to Person 1) WOW WHAT A GAY QUEER WHO WILLINGLY BLOWS MEN.

Person 1: Now if you will all excuse me, I'm helicocktering home today.
#helicockter #penis #locker room #almost but not quite gay #means of transportation
by Rampaging Lumberjack November 10, 2010
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