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Someone who has been cursed with both red hair (and thus pubes), as well as the inability to stop himself ejaculating during sex beyond fifteen seconds.

Have also been known to be cursed with stunted/kinked manhood.
Oh my god, Spencer is such a ginger turbo, he only lasted like five minutes!
by Ramone the Gimp October 04, 2006
Slang for a period, menstrual cycle, etc.
Makes a largely visual comparison between menstrual blood and that really cool scene from Kill Bill V1 (or any other other massacre, for that matter).

Also refers to the hormonal anger brought on by periods.
Guy/Girl 1 - Oh my god, Jess forgot her pad today, it leaked through the back of her dress...

Guy/Girl 2 - Bad?

Guy/Girl 1 - Yeah, panty massacre... <shudders>
by Ramone the Gimp April 01, 2007
Somewhat similar to the twap, the Ultimate Pimpflick involes a backhand strike that recoils at the last moment before impact, like cracking a whip with the first two knuckles of each finger, causing ultimate furious stinging to any exposed flesh struck.

Trust me, it hurts like hell.

NB - Recommended targets are the shoulder muscle, back of leg,groin, or nipple.
Dunn: Yeah, it sucks...

Johnny: Your MOM sucks!

Dunn: My mum died last month...

Johnny: ... <awkward> ...

Dunn: So you know you deserve this, right?

Johnny: OK... Please dude...

Dunn: Hy'cha!

<Unidentified sound>


Ultimate Pimpflick is vengeance incarnate.
by Ramone the Gimp October 24, 2006
Colloquial term for hussy's ovaries, usually out up for trade with Scotch Oakburn school ties.
Hussy: Can we have your tie?

Johnny: Certainly, but you must give me something in return.

Dunn: Give us your chicken dippers!

Hussy: What?

Dunn: All your ovaries are belong to us!

Hussy: <Runs away>
by Ramone the Gimp October 10, 2006

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