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The third leg in males that causes females to become saturated in sweet nectar, causing the best women to burst the sweet nectar all over the third leg. Followed by some men drinking the sweet nectar from the heavenly being.
The one-eyed monster men continue to increase in length, girth, and longevity in the erect and placcid phase.
The third pinky some men kill themselves over and live a miserable life because of.
The overwhelmingly cause of light colored round eyed men's success unless they are dark peoples mostly African, Middle Eastern, Native American who live with humongous third legs all their life but are happy living in tribes in the jungle or desert.
The light-skinned round eyed tall men prefer to use their humongous one-eyed life giver's to enjoy life in a lap of luxury, invention, creation, and evolution.
The unknown reason why Asian peoples are becoming so successful when they are known to carry third pinkies between their legs.
If those Africans, Native Americans, Middle Eastern people have such big life givers why are they not more successful in their home lands. The exception must be the one's who live in America or Europe. (Concerned Light-Skinned Large Penis Male)

That mans penis made me squirt all night, once he started squirting I swallowed it all. (Penis loving Blonde Super-model)

I love to deep throat 12 inch life givers and swallow all the sweet filling (Penis loving Brazilian super-model)

Why my penis so small but I build great nations and am bery interectual. (concerned Asian man)
by Ramon S. January 19, 2007

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