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The act of having anal sex with a girl while she is on her period.
I didnt think we were going to have sex last night since she was on the rag, but then she gave me that strawberry wallet.
by Rammz February 24, 2010
When you are having sex and your girl and she starts moaning rhythmically like an alarm clock, so you punch her in the head like a snooze button and knock her the fuck out.
Bro 1 - Last night I got some strange and had to snooze a bitch.

Bro 2 - How long did you snooze?

Bro 1 - Till I came in her fucking nose!
by Rammz September 06, 2012
To fuck someone in the face in order to give them your STD on purpose.
Guy 1: That bitch cheated on me and gave me herpes!
Guy 2: Sounds like she needs some hobo facing.
Guy 1: She bout to be hobo faced bro!
by Rammz July 29, 2012
When 2 or more straight dudes get in bed together, wrap the blanket around them into one large cocoon and fart on each other all night.
When the four of us get to the hotel tonight, lets push the two beds together and have a stankcoon!
by Rammz July 29, 2012
1: A smaller man that is obsessed with knocking large breasts around and just getting in there for hours.

2: To Gobble or Gobbling on some large breasts. Really getting in there.
1: That guy is crazy in to cleavage. He is a huge titty goblin

2: Guy 1 - That girls melons are massive!

Guy 2 - If I was with her i'd be titty goblin

Guy 1 - Spend all my days livin up in there.

Guy 2 - I'd be like "gobble gobble gobble!"
by Rammz February 21, 2014

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