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1 definition by Rammstein Ad

A country of pure class.
an amazing natural place but iam afraid that the economic side hasnt still improved.
The people of bosnia have survived many ethnic cleansing attackes from the serbs.
Bosnia independence 1992.
but was a republik of bosnia and herzegovina since 1943 as well as the area of bosnia was recognised 970AD.

Capital: Sarajevo
Population: 4.1 million
Area size: 51,000sq km
Guess where bosnia is?
Errr near Afganistan
NO you idiot its right in the centre of europe.
What near the serbs.
Noo one likes the serbs at the moment.
No coz most of them are anti civilisation and usualy they try to promote hatred against muslims.
K cheers for the history lesson.
by Rammstein Ad September 23, 2005