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When you jack off for a really long time, and some of the cum that's will eventually burst out just sorta sits on the tip of your dick. Prebust is normally clear, not white.
Jack: Dude, I have sooooooo much prebust on my tip!

John: Well you wouldn't if you weren't jacking off for so long!

Jack: But it's the Animal Channel. It's the only porn I'm allowed to watch!
by Rami Laham February 26, 2008
When you have a lot of prebust on your tip, and then you finally burst, making it look like a great big blob of white rising from your sea of clear prebust. Just like a great white shark.
My Great White Shark flew all over her face.

It took forever, but when I let out my Great White Shark, it landed right on the tip of my toenail!
by Rami Laham February 26, 2008
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