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1. Giving everything a snarky and brutal thumbs down or hyper-generous thumbs up and presenting it as an expert opinion, while using an authoritative voice.

2. Progressive cultural and artistic ruin caused by the promotion of music that is sung in an artistically dead, soulless, and ambitious manner.
1. He was Simon Cowelling the movie, the restaurant's menu, and even the waitress when it was time to leave a tip. Then he Jeremy Clarksoned my car on the way home. Even his girlfriend was embarrassed.

2. Commercial radio has been Simon Cowelling us since the beginning.
by Ramblingvine July 22, 2009
a new form of arthouse/hip-hop/techno that features aggressive, moody, crunchy beats and can be rapped over.
It's zombitron night at the rock, so you'd better dress dark.
by ramblingvine January 13, 2012
When a guy imagines himself to be a suave, sophisticated man about town after a few drinks.
After drinking six Vesper Martinis and peeing in his rented tux, he had Bondgoggles so bad that he started to refer to his apartment as "the villa".
by Ramblingvine July 21, 2009
A person who depends on the latest technology platforms and social networking trends in an self-destructive, time-consuming manner that is not unlike crack cocaine or heroin addiction.
A: That twit with the i-phone hasn't stopped twittering since we passed through Toledo.

B: All the life has gone out of his eyes. He's just an empty shell - a shadow of his old self.

A: So sad... He used to be interesting and fun. Now he's a dork. Let's kick him.
by Ramblingvine September 16, 2009
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