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1. Copulation. Best said by Alex, of A Clockwork Orange.
1. "No time for the old in-out in-out, love. Just came to check the meter."
by Ramblin' Rose September 05, 2006
1. Basically, to ho out anything of your own to anyone who asks for it. The asker says Bust down.

2. Half of a cigarette. Term used when someone would like half of another's cigarette.
1. Person 1: "Bro, can I get a bust down of that ice cream?"
Person with ice cream: "Yeah, grab a spoon."

2. Preson 1: "Yo, let me get a bust down on your cigarette, bitch.
Person with cigarette: "No."
by Ramblin' Rose September 05, 2006
Pronunciation: pay-puhl waaap
When the Pope smacks you in the face with his peener, penis, wong, or jolly roger.
It's an elite few who can say they've been Papal Whapped.
by Ramblin' Rose September 06, 2006
1. Half a man's boner. Or, a half man's boner. Or, half a stock. Or, a partially softy.

2. A spliff that has mostly tobacco. Derivative of Spliff.
1. "I wish I'd stop popping spiffs in class."

2. Person 1: "Hey, sorry man, I only have enough pot for a spiff."
Person 2: "That's okay, I have to go to work, I don't want to get too high anyway."
by Ramblin' Rose September 08, 2006
On the rare occasion that a person is born with both a vagina (poon) and a penis, they have poonis.
That guy/girl is a poonis.
by Ramblin' Rose September 09, 2006
A straight edge person, is one who woke up one morning when one was around the age of 14 and one realized, "Wait, I haven't done any drugs yet, all of my friends have, I need to come up with an excuse for why I'm not cool. I know, I'll tell everyone I'm straight edge!"
One then lives one's life until the age of 23 being straight edge. Get's "xxx" tattooed on one's arm, never gets laid. Upon turning the age of 24, has a beer, regrets the tattoo, and realizes it's too late to ever have sex because one is a homo.

See Homo Thug
Person 1: "Hey man... you know when you're tripping and-"
Cut off by Person 2: "No way dude, I'm straight edge."
Person 1: "Oh, so do you like butt sex?"
Person 2: "No, I'm straight edge."
Person 1: "You're gay."
by Ramblin' Rose September 08, 2006

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