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2 definitions by Ramanigga

A night elf druid on the Zul'jin US realm.

A devious forum troll on the Zul'jin realm forum.
"So yesterday I happened to be walking through Shattrath and I saw Lathanor!"
by Ramanigga March 02, 2008
70 female Night Elf druid of the Zul'jin US realm.

Guild member of Affinity, a guild which has completed all of TBC thus far, before patch 2.4 that is.
Person 1 "Dude Rifkin is a dick"
Person 2 "Yeah hella people hate him"
Person 3 "But when he makes fun of people with turrets during an AQ40 raid, he's hilarious!"
by Ramanigga March 02, 2008