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-(n.)a hypebeast

-a sneaker freak who freaks sneakers



-dunk fucker
Did you see that guy? thats fucking ralpheezy !

I went to a dunkxchange and saw a bunch of ralpheezys
by Ralpheefuckingeezy October 23, 2007
cla-duh -bee -kels(n.)--pertaining to women who loves to fuck.

--girls that wants to fuck the ralphmeister

--girls craving dick

--word invented by seth
" I saw seth last night surrounded by Ralpheezys cladabccls"

"I dont wanna go out with her cuz shes from a cladabccls"
by Ralpheefuckingeezy October 23, 2007
bra-vehn(adj.)--gay as homo gay.

(v.)--act of craving the same sex
(n.)--animal fucker
(n.)--a loser who cant get real humans for sex.
"Fuck Lloyd he's so braven"

"They should stop letting bravens in the zoo!"
by Ralpheefuckingeezy October 23, 2007

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