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2 definitions by Ralph Malloy

From the satirical Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Will Ferrell, now used as a way to tell someone when something they did was good, but just not quite right. The phrase "more cowbell" works to express this mild dissatisfaction in a variety of settings.
At a steakhouse "how was your meal?" It was ok, but could have used just a little more cowbell.

"Eh, that ,movie wasn't bad. But really could have used some more cowbell."

"That was a good blowjob honey, but really could have used some more cowbell"
by Ralph Malloy August 09, 2010
When you think you have a really cool new word and find out that it's already on Urban Dictionary, so you feel like your chances of pithy internet fame are blown.
Oh man, I totally had a good new word to call that poor old man across the street, but UD already has it! I've been urbandicked!
by Ralph Malloy February 27, 2008