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When you're in a tight muddle. Predicaments are broken into classes. Ways to solve predicaments: a) Grab mom, propel fist forward into facial region, retract said fist, propel again with super saiyan force, and repeat until solved. b) Grab cookie dough out of freezer and consume massive amounts until solved. c) Play zelda OOT 34 times until solved (game can be beaten through mind) d) Enter hyperbolic time chamber and train for a year in one days time in the real world. Proceed until solved. e) one is arrested and fired for harassing somebody over the internet. proceed until solved
Predicaments emerge whilst: Game Boy is filched by motherly figure, one may be under small amounts of stress and is hungry, one finds ones self unable to beat a video game, cookie dough has become a scarcity.
"Whehey It's a legendary Droiving stoyle!"
"This sure is a predicament scoob!"
"Mommy NO!! My game boy!!" *punches in face
"I didn't do it!"
"This predicament could be a bad one!"
by Ralph's Splonch January 12, 2010

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