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2 definitions by Ralonz

1. An Oxycontin pill. Undoubtedly an 80 if you are a true wammer.

Also: Wammer- A person who blows wams.
To get wammed- The act of getting all bunked; getting high on oxycontin
I was so wammed, I bobbed out and drove my car through a fence into a field of goats. So I did the only thing I could think of doing...I crushed up another wam and blew the full 80. I'm such a wammer...
by Ralonz October 05, 2007
\stee-vin\ noun

1. A drunk.

2. Alcoholic beverages.

-verb- To get Stevened
1. To drink...usually to excess.
Oh my god...Look at that Steven all passed out!

Hey, pick me up a bottle of Steven on your way over.

How Stevened are you?!?!
by Ralonz October 04, 2007