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4 definitions by Ralford

A xanax bar. Term often used after pill has been bumped or eaten to confirm with your friends your gonna have the best night you will never remember. Pill should be 2 mg school bus or totem pole and takin with lots of beer.
Ross:"Yooo Sean how are ya feelin"?
Sean:"Feelin amazing man just popped a zanzabar"
Ross:"Alright my dude have fun on Zanzabar island"
by Ralford November 16, 2010
When you miss out on getting some pussy. Reasons most likely involve being too drunk, you have a girlfriend, or forgot to bring a condom and after asking girl if it was okay she refused.
Amanda:"Heyy Zach, you should come upstairs with me real quick..."
Zach:"I can't, my girlfriend is here"

Damn bro thats some missed opporpoonity
by Ralford November 15, 2010
When a girl jerks a guy off using her feet. nuff said.
Alex:"this chick was crazy last night she tried jerkin me with her feet"
Dan:"Ahh, the ol' stork in the cabin eh"?
by Ralford November 16, 2010
Drug addict rapper who tends to be black. As heard in Meek Millz song "Do dat dere".
I'm a feeno you know I got them Keelo, You know I got that fish if you tryna find nemo
by Ralford November 15, 2010