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Where they manufacture satisfaction.
"where did you get all that satisfaction?"

"the satisfactory"
by Ralastas July 15, 2008
translation- rolling on floor puking up blood.
must be used only when something is overly sickening.
"i just jabbed a knife into my scrotum"

"rofpub D:"
by Ralastas July 13, 2008
"1337" speak for hentai or anime pornography.
"man i was lookin' at so much h3n7a1 yesterday my hand is killing me."
by Ralastas July 13, 2008
"1337" or leet for heat packer....in other words one who is strong and can pack heat
"man that kid was a h347 p4x0r, nearly killed me!"
by Ralastas July 15, 2008
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