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Associated with the term, "flaming homosexual" While "Flaming Homosexual" and be reduced down to "flamer" as a nickname, as can ""prancing faggot" as "Prancer." Prancers can be involved in activities such as cheerleading, checkers, shopping, and anal sex. Prancer's wear clothes such as Abrecrombie, Aeropostal, and many other main brand "hip" clothing outlets. They can be seen hanging out at the mall, eating lunch with the whore cheerleader cliques, and essentially anywhere with their gal pals and non existent guy friends. Prancing Faggot is essentially someone who is obviously gay, whether or not you have anything against homosexuals or not, you just want them to come out of the fucking closet already.
Chad-Bro, that Skyler guy is such a prancing faggot. He fucking cheerleads.

Defensive Whore-No he's not!!
Skyler-Yeah, I do it for the ath.

by Rako Flako July 27, 2010

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