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Someone who isn't afraid to give their personal opinion. It doesn't have to be a bad thing. It's just someone that doesn't stay quiet, if they don't agree with something.

The only people who see it as bad and attach stigma (like the other definitions) to it are those that don't like to hear opinionated people talk.

Yes, you can be opinionated and polite at the same time. Being polite doesn't mean you have to agree with every objectionable thing that's said.
Just because I'm opinionated doesn't mean I'm a b*tch. I just like to share my thoughts.
by Rajputani July 10, 2008
A famous Hindu kshatriya caste residing in North India, originally have roots to Rajputana/Rajasthan.
Person A: What are you?
Person B: I'm Rajput.
by Rajputani April 03, 2008
A Hindu female name meaning "beautiful."
You should name your daughter, Rupali. She's so beautiful.
by Rajputani May 10, 2008

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