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A pseudo-philosophical subject which lays at the intersection of ethics and religion. Its primary concern is to take ethical non issues concerning personal choice and masquerade them as the cause of all social ills while ignoring the underlying problems of any given social negative.

Morality is the mask of an artificial enemy.
Religious fundamentalist: Damn those hippies and those queers, with their drugs and buttsecks; they're the reason for everything wrong in this country!! We didn't have problems like this back in my day when everyone listened to God and followed his morality!!!

Rationalist: No, back in your day you had unfair labor practices and sweat shops to contend with. The root of most of our problems are rooted in poverty and ignorance. If we regulated drug sales gangs would dissolve for lack of income. The revenue generated by drug sales and gay weddings could provide quality education and health care for everyone.

Some of the worst serial killers of out time have been generated by a very moral upbringing. See: Albert Fish
by Rainier Ulfson June 10, 2010

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