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boring historic town, home to the USNA and St. Johns College. (Girls should be warned that middies are usually self-centered, deprived young men who should be avoided.) Not much nightlife (unless you're over 21) cool places to hang until then? the mall, and friend's huge mansions on the water. people who work downtown become unfriendly as the weather warms up due to the lack of parking and added foot traffic blocking the intersection. After the bars close most people hop on over to Mangia's for a late snack (open till they run outta pizza, which is usually around 2:30) after midnight however the price goes up to $3 for a slice of cheese and $3.50 for pepperoni. Housing is also very expensive, because most of it is on the water. A 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom one story house on the water? 1.2 million. Basically, Annapolis is a VERY expensive city, everything costs more when it's in a historic setting. **please note that the boat show traffic is an example of the worst traffic in history, it takes 45 mins to get from the marriott to the docks (2 blocks)
"Empty your bank account! We're going to Annapolis!"
by Rainey April 10, 2005

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