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2 definitions by Rainbringer

A play on the word "aspergers", a minor version of Autism characterized by social isolation and other odd behavior. Also very funny to yell.

~Murray Smith, Flecko.net, sufferer of "assburgers"
by Rainbringer June 04, 2006
A virtual internet community that has become a common raid target for 4chan's /b/ (random) image board. Oftentimes /b/-tards create /b/lockades by placing their characters in a doorway or other bottleneck, blocking off access to other areas and generally pissing everyone off. Although Habbos absolutely hate this practice, most /b/-tards regard it as simply funny as hell.
"/b/lockade time!'"

~Anonymous, calling his fellow anonymii to Habbo Hotel
by Rainbringer June 04, 2006