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Whenever someone in a seemingly good mood goes bipolar and starts throwing objects on the floor and screaming like a banshee as to make their point, kind of like kid's in the grocery store who aren't allowed to get a candy bar.

Inspired by my history teacher's wonderful meltdown in front of class today.
Oh, man! That guy just got Brashered!

Whoa, she is totally being a Brasher today.

That guy is really Brashering his kids right now.

She just had a Brashdown! (instead of breakdown).
by Rainbows & Skeletons April 16, 2010
A red-headed, fugly step-child that lives next to Grandma Polly and lies about their "friends". They take at least 30 baths a day, and love water just a little too much. They throw all of their good clothes on the dirty floor, just so they can wear the same outfit 3 times a week. They claim to have made up words, when in reality, they were never a part of it. They usually hang around people with Mulch Disease and act like they're cool.

What to do if you ever come in contact with a Slee-Slaw:

1. Do not befriend them, no matter what.

2. Do not, under any circumstances, give them your phone number. They will call you non-stop, bugging you about how "bored and lonely" they are.

3. Don't talk to them for longer than 5 minutes. They tend to be a bit of a succubus.
Oh, noes! There comes the Slee-Slaw and all her Mulch Disease infected friends! Run or she might aggravate you to the point of death!
by Rainbows & Skeletons June 25, 2009

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