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Dry dream (in males)--
A sexually arousing dream that is either: not sufficient enough to cause a wet dream; or, is interrupted before a wet dream can take place. This normally results in embarrassing and uncomfortable "stiffness" throughout the day. Discomfort causes, in many cases, awkward strides while walking.

A gloomy, unfulfilled, attitude is normal for those who experience a dry dream.
(Ben walks into the room limping)

Frank: Dude, are you okay?

Ben: (Sigh) Yeah I'm fine--

Frank: Then why are you limping?

Ben: (Sigh) It's embarrassing--I had a dry dream last night.

Frank: Oh man! That really sucks. You should probably go take care of that.

(Ben sighs and exits the room. . . poor Ben. . .)
#wet dream #dry-dream #awkward strides #gloomy #unfulfilled
by Rain Frog August 24, 2009
Any situation, where there is an a sense of extreme awkwardness (mostly from some form of physical contact), resulting in a state of situational euphoria.
Jane was in a club with some friends--John came from behind and creepy touched Jane. . . John and Jane fell in love and made many many babies. . . Thank goodness for creepy-touch!
#happy #spark #awkward llama #creepy touch #creepytouch
by Rain Frog May 18, 2009
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