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Def: where ya got talent in somethin better then sellin on da streets but ya rather sell drugs n b a fuckin thug

or liek da fast money streets giv
Ex: cause bein street struck'll
get you nuttin but a bullet or jail time

I've seen a lot of my peers give up they careers for some fast money
They could've been boxers, ballplayers or rap singers
Instead they bank robbers and crack slingers
Aiyyo they used to be legit kids, now they corrupt
They had dreams but gave em up cause they street struck
by Rain CiiTy September 20, 2009
drunken rage, or down to ride hella drunk
see da word sicc
I'm liquor sicc and I just might lose control
so load your clips loccs cause we ridin for our foes
-brotha lynch hung
by Rain CiiTy September 20, 2009
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