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T1: A section of Role Play that involves fighting. More detailed, it is Paragraph Fighting where no less than 5 lines per post, usually in a yahoo room, will be accepted. T1 is usually extremely detailed, so as to not have any misconceptions about an attack or get any details misconstrued. This has also been known as Method One, Type One, and Paragraph Fighting.
Alright, you wanna fight? T1?
by Raiher Ramirez May 13, 2006

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Odin Haze is a fictional character that can be found in many forums world-wide and on Yahoo (Odin_Haze). Currently, he is the King of Kentron.

Odin is the son of Abel and Dione, and brother to none. He is the only child to outlive the Haze Curse. A curse had been placed on the Haze family that the first born of each generation would die a most horrible death in the length of a week. Abel could not bear to see his only Son die at the hands of a curse brought upon them by a transgression that the first Haze had committed. Abel had spent that week searching for a cure, and had indeed, found it.

The curse was lifted, but not all was normal. Odin Haze should not exist and, by most counts of science and logistics, technically doesn’t, since his life should have been whisked away by The Reaper. Because of this, a new curse had been placed on him, one where his physical prowess would far exceed those around him, but he was living on borrowed time…the weeks that the first born Haze’s before him lived.

He had stayed with his parents only for 4 years, before he was put up for adoption…the reasoning behind this being that Odin needed to grow up to be stronger, much stronger than he was now, so that he could find a cure for the curse afflicting him. He was given to a man whose legacy was superseded only by the prowess which formed the legacy…The Hunter. And thus, a life of hard work and training was the only thing that lay ahead for Odin Haze. His training took him around the world to many exotic, and isolated places where the prowess of Hunting would be passed to Odin, along with several other techniques then, at the age of 14, he was released to the World.

Thanks to his isolation, Odin had yet to be tainted by the evils of Man and Sins had no place in his heart. He was a man truly happy, that smiled only for the reason of smiling, was happy only because he could, and had no Sin, Evil, or Malignancy present in his entire body. In the next couple of years, his life would take a turn for the better.

He would make very powerful friends. Mosler, a ninja who had talents never before seen, and Icy, a man whose control over Water was legendary, at least, and was an heir to a kingdom. Together, they had undertaken a quest which would lead them to discover the Armor of Korin, a powerful being. Mosler took the gauntlets, which could take whatever shape he wished, Icy took a ring which created water, for as strong as his command over water was, he could not make it, and Odin took the Bracers and Greaves of the armor, which would only fortify his already formidable strength.

He met a man, Sir Blank, who taught him a myriad of techniques of a mystical nature and, combined with the Bracers and Greaves, set out to find a cure for his curse. He never found it…for it found him. An Omicron Werewolf, a breed that existed only in a handful of numbers, had placed its cursed bite on Odin’s body, and somehow, the two curses had canceled themselves out.

Even the curse of the Werewolf could not cloud Odin’s amiable nature…it was this agreeable personality that allowed Mooreworld, the prior Valiant of Kentron, to see how great Odin was and what he could do. It was because of this, that he had become the King of Kentron.

Appearance: Odin is depicted as having dirty blonde hair, blue-green eyes where both colors were present in both of his eyes, and an unforgettable smile.

Disabilities: Odin has displayed characteristics of slight Autism and Ataraxia.
Odin Haze. Friend to all, and enemy to none.
by Raiher Ramirez April 23, 2006

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