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the sound of your last lingering thread of hederosexualtity flying out teh door
hey baby wanna get lucky?::Voosh::gahh nuts
by raif May 30, 2003
To avoid constantly, to get away from
Hey! Cleatis has owed me money since Friday, so he's been dickin' me all week.
by Raif December 21, 2004
To steal or to take
Usually said after the action
Person 1: Hey my wallet is gone!
Person 2: Jackmove nigga!
by Raif December 21, 2004
A flaky dessert usually cooked with cock sauce
Coolguy16v cooks and shares penis pie with his homesexual friends
by raif May 30, 2003
A black person's skin color which resembles smoke
Damn! You see that bitch she's a smoke child
by Raif December 21, 2004
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