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Having sex by doing it by the book: the way porn stars everywhere seem to have a generic routine to fuck each other nowadays.

First: boob tease
2nd: Blow Job
3rd: Girl Strips
4th: Eating out the girl
5: Hardcore Sex
6th: Spanking
7th: Jizzing in her face as you beat off
Girl: So how do you wanna do this baby?
Boy: Let's start fucking by the book from now on.
Girl: What book? The Kama Sutra?
Boy: No, the way they keep doing it in my porn.
Girl: WTF??? wait. ok...
by Rahul55 July 21, 2008
that sound that makes every male within a 25 foot radius start party-boying on the nearest chick. Normally they cant help it.
Jenna: Oh you brought me flowers today Ken? How sweet!

**Jeremy starts hearing untiss untiss untiss from a nearby car playing techno**

***Jeremy's pelvis sticks uncontollabley to Jenna's ass***

Jenna: Ew! What the fuck Jeremy!
Jeremy: No don't go! I can explain...
by Rahul55 April 19, 2008

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